Smart Fortwo ED Lease Price Dropped

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One of the ways that will surely help out with popularization of electric and hybrid vehicles is to lower their price. Usually these cars are significantly more expensive than a standard gasoline or diesel powered models. According to reports Smart Fortwo ED will be now available for a lease at a significantly lower price.

At $25,000, the new 2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive was always a good deal, but the low new lease price we just found still manages to surprise. Mentioned over at Kelley Blue Book, the lease price is an official $139 a month, putting it well below the previous-gen’s lease price of $599 a month back in 2010. Currently, a gas-powered Fortwo can be leased starting at $99 a month.

2013 Smart Forwto ED Interior

Details on the electric lease are sparse. The official site is next-to-useless on offering actual information like down payment or mileage limits, but it does at least confirm the $139 price. The last we knew, the Fortwo ED was $199 a month. We also don’t know whether the $139 price includes the battery lease or not. The popular battery lease is usually an extra $80/month, so we suspect it doesn’t. This isn’t the first time a new EV could be had for $139 a month, but these prices don’t usually stick around for long.

In April, we said the Fiat 500e was an incredible deal because of its $199/month lease price. The problem with all that is that the car is apparently impossible to find at that price. Right now, the Smart Fortwo ED is not available nationwide, but we’re curious to hear if anyone has been lucky enough to snag one for $139 a month. Last month, Smart sold or leased just 58 electric cars in the US.

2013 Smart Forwto ED Side

This is one small step and we hope that more car makers will offer their electric cars and hybrids at lower prices and with better lease deals. We are sure that there is a large number of drivers that would be interested if the deal would be similar to this one. Time will tell if this will help 2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive to improve sale numbers compared to previous years.

2013 Smart Forwto ED Back

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