Tesla Model S AWD Version For 2014

2014 Tesla Model S

On the luxury sedan market where 2014 Tesla Model S belongs we are getting large number of gasoline powered vehicles that represent strong competition to this vehicle. One of advantages that competition offers is the availability of all wheel drive models that Tesla currently does not offer. Because of this it seams that Tesla Motors will offer all wheel drive version of their flagship Model S.

According to previous reports we did know that Model X is prepared and that it will offer all wheel drive but the Model S version with this system is something new. At this moment it is available in only rear wheel drive and mentioned version could be released as 2014 model. Have in mind that these information’s have not been confirmed and we are waiting more details about this possibility.

2014 Tesla Model S Top

There were no hints in recent conference call or shareholder letter that an AWD Model S is in the mix. Furthermore, the company’s attention currently is focused in other places, such as Europe, Japan and China. But, as The Verge points out, CEO Elon Musk made comments in the 2013 annual shareholder meeting on June 4 about an AWD chassis that would be released in 2014 or 2015 – without the context of the Model X. We have to wonder: were the SUV’s drivetrain and chassis also developed with other vehicles in mind?

From many other sources we could hear that there are only slim chances that all wheel drive version will be delivered for Model S before Model X is offered to the market. Model X could be a good base point for this and experience from that vehicle might be used to develop AWD version of Model S.

2014 Tesla Model S Back

Since these are all speculations we do not have any info about powertrain and will it be consisted of one or more electric motors. Also, we still do not know what will be the power output and torque offered from those units.

If Model S would be offered with two electric motors and both of those would be like the ones offered now in a standard RWD version than we might be getting significant power upgrade. This is highly unlikely because this could require significant changes on the batteries that would need to deliver much more power on hard accelerations. We will need to wait and see what Tesla will offer.

2014 Tesla Model S Interior

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